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It's Here: First-Hand Review of the Hyundai i30N is in!

Friday,15 Dec 2017

We're already loving the Hyundai i30N and its combination of superb performance and great looks - but how does it drive?With our demonstrator model now available for test drives Lings Hyundai Manager Ben Youngman took the i30N away for an evening to put the latest Hyundai perfomance hatchback through its paces...so what did he have to say?

So!  Its finally here!  It feels like we’ve been waiting for the arrival of this car for ages and on Tuesday it arrived.  So it was with great anticipation that on Wednesday night I had the honour of driving it for the very first time.  What car is it?  Well the all new Hyundai i30N, a 275bhp hatchback that seemingly has taken the motoring press by surprise.  The reviews have been superb with near all of the motoring journo’s unanimous in their praise of this utterly brilliant new car.

To be the first to drive it though after reading such fantastic reviews brought some pressure, can it really be this good?  Does it really put other, dare we say more illustrious marques such as the VW Golf GTi in their place?  The pressure to agree despite my own opinions felt huge, after all the whole team here at Lings Hyundai were so excited to get behind the wheel.


I needn’t have worried.  I set off on a cold, wet evening with nothing but a feeling of total satisfaction!  This car really is whatever you want it to be, (within reason of course, it can’t actually fly or swim) whether that is an awesome ‘B’ Road blaster or a quiet refined cruiser, it does the lot.  There’s no point denying it, there’s power there, plenty of power.  But it is how it puts it down that’s so impressive, effortlessly and without hesitation, and that’s part of the beauty of this car, you don’t feel as though you have to. 

Without doubt you know it’s quick, very quick in fact, 0-62mph is reached in no more than 6.1 seconds, so it’s there, oh it’s there.  But it doesn’t make you feel like you have to, you see some, and I am loathed to use the term ‘Hot Hatches’ egg you on, like you have to tear off at every opportunity, and some look like they’ve been sideways through a plastics factory and had all sorts of bits and bobs stick to them (type R I’m looking at you here) but there’s none of that with the i30N.  The reason for this is the different drive modes that set everything up for you, and, having driven it now I think that, although there may be 4 drive modes you may only end up using 2. 

That is because the N Performance button, nicely placed on the right hand side of the steering wheel, once pressed sets the car up as a one of the most exciting cars I have driven.  It deals with the suspension, throttle response, exhaust note and a whole host of features that make you feel like youre in a World Touring Car (on which the i30N is loosely based) and I honestly don’t think that there are many other cars in its class that can live with it once that, wonderful, intoxicating button has been pressed.  Once you’ve had your fun you have the option of Normal, Sport or Eco and, unless you want to really kick back and relax in Eco mode you will find yourself flicking back to Normal, waiting for that moment when the desire to push that N button is just too overwhelming to ignore.

So there we are, it really is everything that the motoring world is raving about.  And now you can experience it  at Lings Hyundai as it’s available for you to get behind the wheel yourself.  

The Hyundai i30N goes on sale January 4th - get ahead of the crowd and book your test drive today by calling 01502 537444 and speaking to one of our friendly Hyundai specialists.

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